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Eric Dare (treble 1937-42) (1927-2021)

Version of 1982

Version of 2020

David Bateman (treble 1941-42) David Bateman  
Simon Farrow (treble 1949-53) Simon Farrow  
Richard Salter (treble 1952-57) (1943-2009) Richard Salter

"Richard Salter, who has died aged 65, was a founder member of The King's Singers, the celebrated a cappella group of choral scholars which emerged from King's College, Cambridge, in the mid-1960s; within a few years, however, he had been lost to the German-speaking world, carving out a reputation for delivering baritone roles in the most difficult of contemporary operas" (Daily Telegraph obituary, 23rd February 2009 - full obituaries on his story page)

David Burns, treble 1952 – 1957

Back row, second from left.

Nicholas Hatswell (treble 1958-62) Nicholas Hatswell - far left

Far left in photograph

Piers Vokes Dudgeon (treble 1958-62) Piers Dudgeon  
David Maconochie
(treble 1969-19??)
David Maconochie  
Lucian Nethsingha, Organist and Master of the Choristers, 1972-1999  
Memorial service for the Duke of Edinburgh, 15th April 2021 Duke of Edinburgh memorial service - Daily Mail  
Mike Dobson - alto - 1976-2023 Mike Dobson