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Nicholas Hatswell (treble 1958-62)

BBC Recordings

I recall being involved in two BBC recordings.

The first one was probably 1959-1960 ironically to Australasia and the second one to the whole world, one Christmas.

At the Dean's installation we made an LP, with a trumpet playing from the organ loft. An amazing evensong as I recall. My parents purchased an LP from this occasion, however, over the years it vanished, never to be seem again!

For the first BBC recording we were paid ten shillings, a lovely new crisp ten shilling note, which I treasured, as that equated to a whole term's pocket money. The second BBC recording we were to receive a pound, which was very exciting, except that the Headmaster thought it would be "nice" if we donated the money to OXFAM. Accordingly our dreams of wealth were shattered!