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David Maconochie
(treble 1969-)

David Maconochie


(photo, 2014)

HRH Elizabeth The Queen Mother attended the Centennial Anniversary celebrations. The local newspaper took a picture of her talking to choir members. I am pretty sure that the one she is seen addressing (smallest, curly fair hair) is me. My mother used to have a copy.

Recordings / broadcasts while I was there:

  • Songs of Praise.
  • A compline mass - recorded in 40 mins takes. The tenor playing the part of cantor made a mistake in the best recording. By then in was 10pm and we voted to let it go.
  • A live morning service.

If you know of where I can get copies of any of those recordings circa 1968 / 1969 I would be overjoyed to have them.

I am now a GP living in Western Australia. I love playing the violin - see 'Dr Mac' on Youtube!