Choral Scholars Visit Normandy for 80th Anniversary of D-Day Ceremony

In early June, the Choral Scholars and the Assistant Director of Music, Mr Michael Stephens-Jones, visited Normandy for the 80th anniversary of D-Day commemorations. At a special service, the Choral Scholars sang while young members of the Royal Wessex Regiment laid wreaths at the British and Commonwealth Cemetary in Bayeux and Mémorial at Ver-sur-Mer.

Photo: Exeter Cathedral Life, 14.6.2024

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New floor in the Quire - Cloisters extension


Work began soon after Easter 2023 to remove the 1960s stone flooring and concrete foundation beneath it in the Quire and replace it with underfloor heating and a new marble floor. The work was required to remedy a problem caused by damp - the 1960s concrete was trapping in ground water, which caused structural problems in the East end of the cathedral. The new flooring is permeable. The work was largely completed just before Easter 2024 and the quire returned to use for services from Monday in Holy week, 25th March.

One unexpected positive outcome is that the new floor has improved the acoustics of the quire. The highly polished floor reflects the sound and so the choir sounds much louder.


Construction of the new Cloisters Gallery is well on its way, with the walls completed and much of the oak roof constructed. Work is expected to be completed in the summer of 2024.

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