New cathedral choir novel published

Photo: Emma Solley Photography, Exeter

Written and illustrated by a current chorister and his mother.

Every night, after the choir and visitors
leave the Cathedral, the lights are turned
out and the echo of closing doors
fades into darkness and peace ...

... until midnight, when, unknown to
the living world outside, the Cathedral
becomes aglow with candlelight and
the Midnight Choir sings
with pure, haunting voices.

Available through Amazon £6.46

Funds raised from the sale of the book will support Exeter Cathedral and Exeter Cathedral School.

More information about the book and James - pdf flyer

The novel is specifically written for/about people who love Exeter Cathedral Choir so much that they would like to sing there forever.  That really is the core of the book - the Midnight Choir has been singing for hundreds of years - a beautiful ghost choir for people who truly want to be members in perpetuity!

"a heart-warming story with an equally heart-warming backstory" - reader's comment