1941-1942 - Gibb photograph archive, Volume 1, Negatives

Keith Gibb

Keith Gibb provides some information about himself in the volume of his photographs included on this website. On the cover of that volume, he says he was a chorister at the cathedral in the early 1930s; and that album includes a photograph of him as a chorister (number 15). He states that he was assistant to RWB Langhorne (the school's Headmaster). Gibb seems to add at a later point that he was also assistant to Howard Treneer (Langhorne's successor). Gibb gives his dates of being assistant as "1940/1(?) to 1945/6(?)", so it seems he was a little uncertain of the exact dates.

Gibb and Langhorne obvioulsy became friends, as there are several photographs in the volume of them on holiday together. These photographs are not included here.

Gibb negative volume 1 - 1942The volume from which these photographs comes, exists as a book which originally contained 100 negatives; sadly some are missing. It spans the period August 1941 to May 1942 and includes what may well be unique photographs of the bomb damage to the school in April 1942.

A contents list provides a few words about the subject matter of each negative. The negatives cover Exeter Cathedral School and a wide range of other topics, such as Gibb's family and landscape scenes.

Of the surviving negatives, some were too dark to create usable scanned images.

Only those relating to Exeter Cathedral and the School are included here. Surprsingly, there are no photographs of the choir inside the cathedral, or robed.

Gibb's numbering is used here.

Gibb's original contents-page entry for each is included as the subtitle of each web page. My textural completions of his entries are shown between square brackets.