2010 - July

Exeter Cathedral Choir - 2010 Gentlemen

The gentlemen, as photographed at the end of the summer term, 2010.

Left to right: Phil Hobbs (Dec Tenor I); David Acres (Can Alto II and former treble); Peter Oakley (Dec Alto II and former treble); Mike Vian-Clerk (Can Bass I and former treble); Matt Cann (Dec Bass I); Laurence Blyth (Can Alto I); Richard Brain (Can Tenor II); Mike Dobson (Dec Alto I); Charlie Hughes (Dec Bass II); Andrew Henley (Can Bass II, now a professional tenor); Mike Gormley (Dec Tenor II); Jason Bomford (depping for Gordon Pike as Dec Tenor I); John Turner (Dec Bass III); Andrew Millington (Director of Music); Paul Morgan (Organist); Stephen Tanner (Director of Girl Choristers)

At the time of the photograph there was a depiction of the Last Supper by the High Altar, visible behind the gentlemen.