Exeter Cathedral choristers 1948-1949

Easter Sunday 1948.

The reopening of the Quire after the bombing of 1942.

Names Easter Sunday 1942, Exeter


1. Bishop William Surtees, Bishop of Crediton 1930–1954

2. David Marshall, chorister

3. John Lomax, chorister

4. George Deneen, bass decani, standing behind John Lomax

5. Rev. Peter Green, Succentor

6. Canon McLaren (choristers' nickname = "Larry the Lamb")

7. Wilf Dymond, crucifer (choristers' nickname = "Holy Jim")

8. Bishop Charles Curzon, Bishop of Exeter 1936–1948

9. Ernest Tapley, bass cantoris

10. Mr Hart, Head Virger (you can just see the top of his virge above the shoulder of the lay vicar next to George Deneen)

11. Herbert Read, man wearing bow tie. Architect responsible for the restoration of the cathedral after the bombing in May 1942. He died in 1950. There is a very telling obituary in The Times, quoted by the Devonshire Association.

12. Rev. Reggie Llewellyn, Precentor (back to camera)

With thanks to John Lomax (treble 1944-1949), who provided the photograph and the names. John's recollections as a chorister can be read in the ECOCA newsletter for October 2012 and February 2014.