Before the Blitz of 1942

Aerial view of the Cathedral area of Exeter in 1928, showing the Cathedral School to the north-east of the cathedral.

The area of the school is shown within the red circle. The school had an L-shaped arrangement. The bottom of the 'L' was the Abbot's Lodge (headmaster's accommodation), running approximately east-west, with its central entrance tower on its south side. The upright of the 'L' was the school buildings, running north-south from the western end of the Abbot's Lodge. The playground is on the western side of the school-building range. The steps to the singing school can be seen in the top right-hand corner of the playground. Bedford Circus to the north of the school, and visible in several of the school photographs, is clearly visible.

The area of the school is now a combination of gardens for the adjacent houses along this side of the Cathedral Close and car park/garages for the cathedral clergy and Director of Music.

Source: Britain from Above. Historic England (